Bruce E. Baker



I have published three monographs, a book about teaching, three edited collections, and two edited books, and you can find links to them all on my books page. I have a couple of other books at various stages of completion, and you can find more about them on my projects page.



I publish articles for both scholarly and popular audiences. I will put links to as many of them as I can on my articles page. Some in academic journals require a subscription, but they should be available through a university library or some public libraries. (Or you can always contact me directly for an offprint.)

Current Projects


I always have several (too many, really) projects at various stages of completion. At the moment, my main obsessions are transatlantic abolitionism (especially the career of Moses Roper), historical memory of Reconstruction, the cotton trade, and crime and disorder on the New Orleans waterfront during Reconstruction. For a list and links to all sorts of materials relating to these (and also past projects that I am not working on much at the moment), go to my projects page.

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